Forte Securities understands that with rapid changes in technology comes a rapid need to diversify our brokerage offer and services for our clients. Cryptocurrencies have quickly become a growth asset class our clients want to trade in – an asset class we are pleased to now offer brokerage services for.*

However, we recognize our clients need to trade in a safe, secure, and regulated environment – something the unregulated cryptocurrency market does not cater for at this point in time.

Forte Securities has taken an industry first approach to brokering cryptocurrency transactions, applying the same regulated protocols and processes we undertake for all other asset and securities classes we trade within. We do this via a strict, self-regulated approach; one we know you won’t find on the market today.

This unique approach ensures our cryptocurrency brokerage service undergoes the same audit process we must legally apply to all other asset classes we cater for.

We see a bright future in this asset class, and are proud to now include it as part of our wider offering.

*Services are rendered by affiliate companies.