Forte Securities has an in-house scalable infrastructure tailored to supporting small and mid-sized hedge funds. Through bespoke service modules and competitive pricing, Forte allows smaller and mid-sized hedge funds to compete and grow with small asset under management during the first few months of launching. Forte offers support and guidance on all aspects of hedge-fund creation, either internally or through its network of providers, from operational support to administration and legal.

Forte has a full FCA licence incorporating investment management, and through its affiliated companies, can offer interim regulatory solutions by offering to incubate funds and fund managers under a full FCA umbrella. This offers clients a solution to regulatory factors with a competitive and flexible pricing structure.


Clients have electronic access to execute trades DMA or send orders to Forte’s trading desk. Forte also provides clients with an online portal to view their portfolios, with a live view of financing, custody, leverage and SWAPS across multi-asset classes.

  • Intraday positions and P&L
  • Live NAV calculations
  • Buying power status / margin excess or deficit
  • Multi-asset risk monitoring tools
  • Reporting and alerting capabilities
  • Stress-testing capabilities, and shadow books and records
  • Single, hosted platform with global FIX and non-FIX connectivity to your brokers
  • Rapid-response middle office support by an experienced team

Forte’s infrastructure provides clients with an interactive and reliable tool that enables them to have transparency on all aspects of hedge-fund management, bringing together a suite of services tailored for the smaller hedge funds:

  • Order management
  • Intraday margin and risk management
  • Portfolio management
  • Compliance and risk modules
  • Network connectivity
  • Post-trade transparency and processing


Smaller funds find it notoriously difficult to establish an institutional prime broker; however, within Forte Securities, these funds can take advantage of Forte’s wholesale pricing and aggregated flows to receive a tailored primebrokerage service that is backed by the larger prime broker. This enables Forte Securities to provide competitive pricing and improved services through its aggregated prime broker relationship. In addition, Forte can provide outsourced trading, DMA and office space, as well as relevant advice through its network of strategic partners.

Forte Securities’ hedge-fund hotel services encompass all aspects of hedge-fund creation and management including:

  • Risk management tools
  • Desk and IT infrastructure and support
  • Flexible trading and operational/middle office support
  • FCA-regulated umbrella, together with compliance and administration services
  • Fund structuring and management account options