Forte Securities provides trading and execution services on a matched principal, IDB or agency basis, dependent on market. Forte does not engage in any proprietary trading; nor does it commit any capital that might otherwise conflict with client interests. Our front office staff are all market professionals, with many years’ experience across a wide range of institutions and disciplines, who pride themselves on providing services that ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and retention rates.


Forte Securities offers competitively priced DMA services across a choice of market leading platforms. Through Forte’s providers clients gain access to:

  • Various algorithmic functionalities
  • Full access to all major exchanges and various emerging markets
  • Product coverage
  • Fixed income, equities, FX, futures, options and OTC derivatives
  • Connectivity (via FIX)

Furthermore, these services are enhanced by having been fully integrated into Forte’s internal systems.


Our seasoned broker-dealers also support voice broking for fixed income, equity, FX and derivative markets, whereby aggregated client orders are completed by sourcing liquidity from major market participants and specialist providers. Forte pools liquidity providers and therefore provides competitive market prices and depth from the street.