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Cash Equity

Our bespoke execution services enable us to react to the rapidly changing requirements of the global marketplace. We have deep market expertise and we invested in innovative technology solutions, which allows us to offer leading order execution and direct-market access services, with a 360 coverage across all major European, American and Asian markets.
We are able to facilitate block trades quickly and efficiently through our network of market participants including block crosses of exchange-traded equities in the third market and block transactions in the OTC markets.


Our experienced team of in-house inter-dealer brokers specializes in vanilla and exotic derivatives in all major OTC and listed markets. Our coverage includes standard stock and index options, ETFs, delta-one, exotics, variance and correlation products. Forte Securities’ priority is to work with a variety of market participants, including banks, market-makers and buy-side institutions.

Trading volatility can be difficult given liquidity constraints in the market; Forte relies on its strong network of market participants to minimize these execution costs for our customers.
Our bespoke broking service in equity derivatives allows customers to access markets in a format that suits their specific needs and requirements.

Fixed Income

We have leveraged our solid roots in bond brokerage to become a world-class dealer, positioning significant inventory across a broad spectrum of fixed-income products.

With our dedicated team of trading professionals, we offer unparalleled personal commitment, providing superior liquidity and transaction execution. We settle bonds via a Model-B clearing arrangement with one of the most reputable market participants.

Structured products

We have strong relationships with most major issuers to access diverse funding rates depending on our client’s risk appetite and to leverage on the respective strengths of market participants.
Our open architecture combined with our team’s expertise grants us the ability to put multiple banks in competition and optimize pricings. We cover the full range of structures in order to deploy the adequate investment strategies for our clients including hedging, performance participation, capital protection, diversification and yield enhancement.


We provide leading and comprehensive liquidity to clients on a completely anonymous basis. We operate via an agency model and provide hedging advisory to our clients. 

The company is able to source and execute all mainstream FX products from G20 to illiquid crosses and EM currencies in spot and derivatives markets (Forwards, swaps, options…) via proven execution channels. Our FX desk has a key partnership with a Tier one prime broker.

Alternative Credit

Our offering is provided by our affiliated company Menara Capital which focuses on financial inclusion and alternative credit.
The company arranges funding structures, sources funds from a large network of alternative investors, provides loan and collateral monitoring/servicing to lenders. Menara originates credit investment opportunities via its network of partners globally across 3 main angles:
  • factoring and receivables
  • short term transactional trade finance (import, export and stock)
  • asset backed financing through Security Trust (Fiducie-sûreté) to corporates


We offer investment solutions in vehicles across different strategies and asset classes that are either managed within the Forte group or managed externally and marketed via distribution agreements.
Our offering includes a Actively Managed Certificates, a Private Markets investment platform and external mutual funds.

To know more, please visit our  Asset Management section


We have strong relationships with most major issuers to access diverse funding rates depending on our client’s risk appetite and to leverage on the respective strengths of market participants.

This singular approach ensures that our cryptocurrency brokerage service undergoes the same audit process we must legally apply to all other asset classes we cater for. We see a bright future in this asset class, and are proud to now include it as part of our wider offering. Services are rendered by affiliate companies.
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