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We provide trading and execution services on a matched principal, IDB or agency basis, depending on the markets. Forte does not engage in any proprietary trading; nor does it commit any capital that might otherwise conflict with client interests. Our front office staff are all market professionals, with many years of experience across a wide range of institutions and instruments.
Our seasoned broker-dealers provide voice broking for fixed income, equity, FX and derivative markets, whereby aggregated client orders are completed by sourcing liquidity from major market participants and specialist providers. Forte pools liquidity providers and therefore offers competitive market prices and depth from the street.

We offer competitively priced DMA services across a choice of market leading platforms. Through our providers, clients enjoy various algorithmic functionalities with a full access to all major exchanges and various emerging markets.
The connectivity is done via FIX and the execution is enhanced by a full integration into our internal systems.

Custody, Clearing & Settlement

We provide transparency clearing and settlement through both Model A and Model B relationships with third-party custodians. Our set-up ensures smooth and timely settlement via top Tier clearing and custodian partners for all major international equity markets and hard currency Eurobonds.


We have built an experienced middle office team, as well as in-house softwares that enable clients to view settlement status online, in addition to daily reporting on the settlement cycle of their trades.

Clients have full transparency on:

  • Trade booking
  • Trade allegement
  • Trade mismatches
  • Settlement status
  • SPO – net settlement

Financial Advisory

Forte is capitalizing on its seasoned team of advisors to offer state-of-the-art tailor-made institutional services. Our team members have decades of experience in Top tier financial institutions with complementary backgrounds in investment and trading.

We generate investment ideas based on strong structural convictions, opportunistic trading approaches and market inefficiencies. Our tailor-made advisory services cater for both Institutional and sophisticated individual investors. Our coverage is essentially focused on European equity sectors and global macro. We help our clients implement investment ideas across securities while abiding by their risk profiles, restrictions and specificities
This service aims to open our vast network of high ranking corporate managers & industry experts to our clients. It takes the form of regular reverse roadshows, meetings and conference calls. These interactions are driven by the investment opportunities we identify (Alpha Capture) and/or direct requests from our clients.

Reach out to us to know more about our adivsory services:

Asset Management

Actively Managed Certificates

The services are provided via Sakki Investments PCC Limited which is a Protected Cell Company established in Guernsey. It issues Notes and Actively Managed Certificates on various asset classes.

Reach out to us to know more about our structuring services:

Private Markets Platform

Our offering is provided by our affiliated company Forte Securities Australia Pty. Ltd. Our private markets platform’s mission is to make investments in the private markets more accessible and diversified to a greater number of qualified investors. We offer access to curated, high-performing, institutional-grade European and US private funds for investors at lower minimum ticket sizes.
Supported by a fully digital platform, we simplify your onboarding, enable you to explore available funds, research their strategies and teams, select which funds you would like invest in, and track the performance of your investments.

External Funds Distribution

Our funds services include the distribution of external funds on the behalf of external fund houses. If you’re interested to know more about our capabilities please reach out to us:

Debt structuring

We offer world-class independent advice on debt structuring. Through our global presence and expertise we guarantee a deep understanding of companies, industries and countries. We have the ability to successfully structure and execute domestic and cross-border credit transactions for corporates and governments. Our services include capital structure enhancement, financing and restructuring advisory.


Thanks to our set-up and our key partnerships, we are uniquely positioned to facilitate the distribution of illiquid assets and funds for qualified investors via their primary banks. We position ourselves between funds and financial institutions via this B2B model in order to increase the distribution reach of investment managers and enhance banks’ offerings at the same time. Our comprehensive services are offered through the securitization of products and the issuance of ISINs with post-trade maintenance and administration.


We managed to keep expanding our business along the years thanks to innovation, adaptability and full regulatory compliance. In that regard our team has developed the Forte OTF (Organized Trading Facility) in order to adhere to the new regulations and facilitate execution on the OTC markets in the EU and the UK.

The Forte Organised Trading Facility (OTF) is a trading venue operating in the United Kingdom by Forte Securities Limited (FSL) and permitted to trade Equity Derivatives, Credit Derivatives and Bonds, under the second markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II). MiFID II entered into force on 3rd January 2018, the focus behind this legislation was to strengthen transparency and investor protection across the MiFID II regime via changes to market structure, investor protection, organisational structure and post trade reporting. The FSL OTF provides our clients a venue to utilise the FSL service with as little disruption as possible, our venue structure is detailed in the table below.


Operator Information 
Forte Securities Limited
Venue Name: FSL OTF
Operating MIC: FRTE
Forte Securities Limited
30 Great Pulteney Street
London W1F 9NN United Kingdom

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